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Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

So, you want to quit smoking with hypnosis, but don't know where to start?

This is a common problem that almost all smokers wanting to quit face. The field of hypnotism can seem mysterious, controversial and even questionable to the outsider. It's common to think thoughts such as "how can I quit smoking with hypnosis" and "what is hypnosis really capable of?"

We've all seen those stage hypnotism shows where people walk around the stage clucking like a chicken, and think of it as a form of entertainment. Indeed, hypnotism has been used widely for entertainment, it's perhaps what it's best known for.

There is however another use for hypnosis that is not as famous, and that's termed "clinical hypnosis".

Clinical hypnosis has been used extensively in the past couple of decades to treat just about any psychological ailment including anxiety, pain, fear, worry, anger, addiction, phobias and many other other ailments.

When we think of an addiction, we think of numerous things. We think of being addicted to food (eating excessively), being addicted to television, being addicted to pornography, being addicted to smoking, to name just a few examples.

Addiction is an epidemic within today's society. With advertising influencing us so much, it is easy to become addicted to some product, be it alcohol, gambling, or smoking.

Fortunately, clinical hypnosis, as I explained above, can be used to treat these various form of addiction. To understand how this is possible, you will need to understand the process of hypnosis and how it works.

Hypnosis works by inducing you into a highly relaxed state, referred to as a trance. When we are in a trance our subconscious is highly susceptible to what's called "suggestion".

When we are in a suggestible state, any suggestions that are made to us we act upon and take very literally. If someone were to suggest to you "you will not crave smoking another cigarette" whilst you were in a trance, then your subconscious would act upon that statement.

You wouldn't ever consciously crave another cigarette again, because your subconscious would be telling you not to. Our subconscious stores a vast amount of information and is what governs our conscious thinking. By using hypnosis to influence our subconscious, we can change the thought processes of our conscious mind.

It is therefore quite possible to quit smoking with hypnosis, and every day hundreds of people do quit smoking with hypnosis.

Hypnotism is expanding incredibly fast as a field, as it gains more scientific acceptance and is practiced more professionally.

Gone are the days of the hypnosis stage show with a person pretending to be a chicken. Today we can use hypnosis to clinically enhance our lives and overcome addictions such as smoking.

The best thing of all, is that you can quit smoking with hypnosis right now, from the comfort of your own home, by simply following an online hypnosis course. There are many courses available that will guide you through the relaxation techniques, and implant the suggestions within your subconscious that will lead you to overcoming your smoking addiction.

if you would like to find our more about using hypnosis to quit smoking, then I encourage you to visit my Hypnosis website.

I hope to see you join the thousands of others who have quit smoking with hypnosis.

Until then, best of luck.

Steven Heron.


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