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10 Ways to Quit Smoking That Really Work

Anyone that smokes knows how hard it is to quit. But there is one key factor that sets the successful quitters apart from the ones that can't seem to give up this killer habit.

Before you can quit, and quit for good, there is one thing that you must do, and that is to decide right now that you want to be a non-smoker. In other words, if you are happy as a smoker and you like smoking and you really don't want to stop, then you need to continue on your way. Because no program or amount of tips can help a person that doesn't want to stop smoking. If you really want to quit, there is a way that you can stop smoking easily and you can actually do this in about an hour.

Here are the Top 10 ways to Quit Smoking that will help even the hard core smokers get to a place where they are smoking less and less, and then not at all.

1. Set a Quit Date--This is where most people fail. They try to haphazardly stop smoking and because there really wasn't a build up to that date, there is no guilt or work that was done to get to that date. If you have made preparations and settled on the positive outcome of being a non-smoker, it will be easier to quit.

2. Start Slowly--reduce your daily number of cigarettes by one. If you smoke 10 a day, then shoot for 9 for three days, then 8, etc.

3. Avoid places where people smoke and find a quiet place that you can go to that is calming to you. Most smokers say that smoking relaxes them, so find a place that you have always felt brings on a feeling of calmness for you. Maybe it's in the woods or by the lake, or you have a favorite room in the house where the sun comes in. When you are feeling stressed, enter your calming room and breath deeply. Practice diaphragmatic breathing when ever you can. This will get much need oxygen to your body.

4. Get safe amounts of sunshine. The sun gives your body much needed vitamin D. This will renew you both physically and spiritually.

5. Drink plenty of spring water and with lemon--This will give you some much needed Vitamin E and balance out your pH levels. You should drink about 1oz per your body weight every day.

6. Chew Gum--did you know that chewing gum actually exercises your brain?

7. Keep your cigarette stubs in a can and don't throw them out. Even the most die hard smokers claim that the smell of stale cigarette butts and ashes offends them. Sniff this from time to time and you will be turned off and reminded of how you smell to others.

8. Try rolling your own cigarettes with organic tobacco. The chemicals in cigarettes that you purchase are one of the reasons that your are addicted to cigarettes. Using organic tobacco and papers greatly reduces the amounts of these toxins and will eventually make quitting much easier. Plus it's much cheaper and you will smoke less because you have to "make" your cigarettes.

9. Add up how much you spend on cigarettes a year--be honest and don't try fooling yourself. Smoking cigarettes is a very expensive habit, you'd be surprised at what you can buy or save for with your new found funds.

10. Don't go it alone, try to find a friend or a group who shares the same goals. Getting support from people who are going thru or have been thru the same thing can be the difference between success and frustration.

If you start with just 1 or 2 of these 10 ways to quit smoking, you should see some immediate results.


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