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Cigar Smoke and the Dangers of Being Exposed to It

Every one has heard of the risks associated with passive smoking. A lot of people ask whether the dangers of inhaling send hand cigar smoke are as great, or even greater.

Unfortunately it seems that being around the second hand smoke from a lit cigar is just carries as much danger or even more danger then that from regular cigarette smoke.

Second hand smoke given out by lit tobacco products is classes as environmental smoke from tobacco. Environmental smoke relates to all the second-hand smoke given out from lit tobacco products, including cigarettes and cigars. Research tells is that this environmental smoke contains many of the same type of chemicals and irritants that smokers inhale on a daily basis.

All types of environmental smoke from tobacco contain, ammonia, nicotine, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, they may also contain varying amounts of benzene hydrocarbons, nitrosamines and vinyl chlorine which are all recognized as carcinogens. Due to the fact that as a rule cigars are usually considerably larger than standard cigarettes they actually release greater amounts of second hand smoke than cigarettes. Due to these facts being around second hand smoke from cigars can be a greater risk to health then inhaling second hand cigarette smoke.

Even considering that cigarettes and cigars both release similar types of environment tobacco smoke, there are in fact some key differences between both types. These key differences are due to the vastly different methods used during the manufacture of Cigarettes and Cigars.

The process of manufacturing cigars includes a long process of aging and fermentation of the tobacco leaves. During this manufacturing process, large quantities of carcinogens are made. When a cigar has been aged and fermented it is packed into a nonporous wrapper which is designed to slow the burning process of the cigar. The Fermentation and manufacturing process both add to the levels of carcinogens released into the smoke of a lit cigar.

Once a cigar is lit, to combination of carcinogens produced during the manufacturing process are released. The non-porous wrapper around the cigar also adds to an unclean burn that contains an elevated level of carcinogens.

Yet another reason for cigars producing larger amounts of carcinogens is their length and girth. To put it simply cigars are larger than cigarettes and their greater size means they emit a greater volume of smoking contain toxins, irritants and carcinogens. On top of this, and to make matters worse, cigars are designed to be smoked more slowly than cigarettes and people who smoke cigars are encouraged to "enjoy the relaxing experience" and take their time. This leads to a longer smoking time, and of course much more smoke is produced. For health reasons therefore it is advisable to avoid places where cigars are being smoked and if you personally do smoke cigars try to do so in an area which is well ventilated.


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