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Put an End to Chain Smoking

Chain smokers have the absolute hardest time quitting smoking out of any category of smokers. They generally have been smoking for several years or even decades, and they pump nicotine into their system at any given moment. Chain smokers can quit smoking, but they have a tough road ahead of them.

A chain smoker is generally classified as a pack-a-day person. If you smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day, then you are lighting up almost every 30 minutes of your waking life. That means most people are generally used to seeing you with a cigarette in your mouth. That also means your body is very used to being served a healthy dose of nicotine on a regular bases. With this kind of volume, your body not only develops a severe dependency on nicotine, but you also develop physical habits and rituals.

Because of both chemical and physical dependency on smoking, chain smokers have a very high rate of being unsuccessful with kicking their habit - even when their life depends on it. It's not that they would rather suffer major medical conditions over quitting smoking, they just cannot do it. Therefore, assistance is generally needed and the best stop smoking methods will be needed.

Quitting cold turkey is not really in the cards for a chain smoker. It wouldn't be very easy to abruptly stop smoking today and never light up again. The body would experience such severe withdrawal symptoms that would cause the smoker to suffer greatly. The better solution is to take a longer term approach and ease out the nicotine dependency. This can be achieved with nicotine replacement therapy and quit smoking drugs, but there are very successful strategies to accomplish this that will allow you to simply reduce the amount you smoke and eventually phase out the habit for good.

These natural strategies will not only help you kick you habit and successfully stop smoking, but they will get you on the fast track to a healthy lifestyle. These methods can help you lose weight, sleep better, be happier, and improve your relationships. And the best part of it all is that it won't cost you any money in purchasing expensive supplements or drugs. So as a chain smoker, get started in creating your healthy lifestyle and kick your habit without suffering from the withdrawal symptoms.


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