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Are Your Children Smoking?

Horrifying Numbers About Smoking In The US That Every Parent Or Teen Should Know.

*4 in 5 adult smokers started smoking before or when they turned seventeen.

*7 in 10 adolescent smokers wish they have never started smoking.

*3 in 4 adolescent daily smokers who think they will not smoke in five years are still smoking five to six years later.

*7 in 10 high school students have tried cigarette smoking.

*1 in 3 high school students are current cigarette smokers.

*1 in 5 male high school students between the age of 12 and 17 have used some form of spit tobacco.

*1 in 5 high school students have smoked cigars and cigarillos on at least one of the past 30 days.

*1 in 17 middle school students have smoked cigars and cigarillos on at least one of the past 30 days.

*1 in 7 high school students currently use chewing tobacco or snuff

*Every day in the US, over 6000 teenagers try their first cigarette, half of them become daily smokers.

What are the implications of these numbers?

The younger someone starts smoking cigarettes, the more likely he / she is to become strongly addicted to nicotine, and the higher his / her risk of lung cancer and other smoking related illnesses.These include cancers in other locations of the body such as voice box, lip, tongue, mouth, throat, oesophagus. Smoking also contributes to development of some of these cancers: bladder, pancreas, uterus, cervix, kidney, stomach, liver and large bowel. Smoking also causes most of the heart diseases and strokes in adults, and shortness of breath, reduced lung function and tolerance to exercise in youth. Furthermore, young people who smoke often participate less in school sports and have lower self-image. This in turn can lead to the use of other drugs, getting in fights, carrying of weapons, depression and attempted suicides.

Where to get help?
Nicotine Anonymous operates in many communities and holds regular meetings. Attendance is free.
American Cancer Society offers telephone services to help smokers. They can be reached at 800-ACS-2345.


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