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Tips on Stopping Smoking When Drinking

While I was quitting smoking, the biggest obstacle in my way to achieving my goal was alcohol. Anyone who smokes (or is an ex-smoker) will tell you that alcohol and cigarettes go hand in hand.

I could go days without even thinking about a cigarette, but once I had a couple of drinks in me, it was all over. What made it even more difficult to say no was the fact that it was constantly in my face, therefore constantly on my mind. My smoker friends would have a cigarette in their hand most of the time. Even some of my friends who didn't usually smoke would be puffing away after a few drinks.

An easy solution to this is to say: "Don't go and drink with your smoking friends". Unfortunately that is not a very practical one. You are trying to quit smoking, not trying to quit having fun. If I didn't go out with any of my smoking friends then I wouldn't have many friends left to hang out with.

So, what are some solutions to this problem?

Try to keep focused on your goals and what the benefits of quitting are. By this I mean keep it on the back of your mind the whole time you are out. Don't let it intrude on your fun, just keep reminding yourself why you want to quit. To achieve this you may need to restrict the amount of drinks you have. The more drinks you consume, the less will power you have and the less important your goals may become.

Hopefully you do have some friends who never smoke, if you do try to hang out with them as much as possible. I'm not saying to avoid your smoking friends completely, just avoid them while they are smoking. Not even the heaviest of my smoking friends has a cigarette in their mouth 100% of the time.

One of the best ideas I can give you is to avoid smoking areas at all costs. There is nothing worse than being completely surrounded by smokers and cigarette smoke when you are trying to quit.

If you are someone who simply cannot avoid smoking when drinking, then you may have to make the decision not to drink. If you are committed to your goals this decision shouldn't be that tough. If you have really understanding and supportive friends, then just tell the the truth as to why you don't want to drink. If some friends aren't so willing to understand then you may have to come up with some excuses.

Family or work commitments are always good excuses because everyone has them. Another idea is to put your hand up to be sober driver, that way there should be no peer pressure from friends.

Finally the one thing that I used with constant success was to remind myself of the horrific hangover I will have the next day. The dehydration that causes a hangover is not only from alcohol, but from cigarettes. If you have quit for a while then you have a few ciggies while drinking, you can expect a hangover the likes of which you have never experienced.


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