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Quit Smoking and Save Your Lungs

I have always hated that my parents smoke. I have never quite understood why people smoke when they know that every cigarette is killing them. I mean I know that we will all die eventually, but why speed up the process? As a little girl I used to steal my dad's packs of cigarettes and crush them up. When my day would find out I would tell him that I was just trying to save his life. He wanted to be so angry, but how could he get mad at a little girl trying to keep her daddy alive. I used to tell him that if he loved me he should be bale to quit for me. Shouldn't a father want to live long enough to walk his daughter down the aisle or throw baseball to his grandson? Finally after 20 plus years of crying, crushing up cigarettes, occasional screaming matches, and a cancer scare, my daddy, now 69, finally decided that he would try to quit.

In his attempt to quit smoking he tried nicotine patches, gums, and even hypnosis. These methods helped him cut back significantly but he still couldn't kick the habit. I was proud of him for his progress and for the fact that for the first time in his life I actually believed that he was really trying. Regardless of what method he used, I just wanted my dad to be healthy and quit smoking completely.

Listen, whether you are a smoker or someone like me who wants a loved one to quit - You know that smoking can be deadly. Most all smokers know the risks involved in the habit, but when there is an addictive substance involved, it can be tough to quit. The problem with many of the "Quit Smoking" methods is that they just don't work. Furthermore, if you find a product does work, it does nothing to promote healing within your lungs. The lungs can take years to heal and rid the damage caused by smoking. Unfortunately, many people, like my father, try to quit too late in life and may not necessarily have years for their lungs to heal.

There was one brief moment, after 20 years of arguing, that I gave up the fight. I mean, why, at age 69, should it matter whether or not he smokes. But, YES, it did matter! It was my dad, and I loved him and his grandkids loved him. After some pretty intense research on the computer, I found that there are actually methods, when combined with certain vitamins, that will a.)help you quit smoking and b.)clean and detox your lungs. The same methods can also great for ex-smokers who are looking for a lung cleanse to detoxify their lungs and help improve their quality of life. I had never heard of a lung cleanse before but I was really excited that I had found something that could cleanse his lungs of tar and nicotine and help him quit smoking at the same time. At 69, my dad still had a chance of getting his lungs healthy!


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