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Reasons to Avoid Passive Smoking

Environmental or passive smoking describes the unintentional inhalation of smoke given out by cigarettes, cigars, pipes or any tobacco based product. In some example it is described as second-hand smoke or even as sidestream smoke from cigarettes. People who occupy the same areas as those who smoke tobacco products are definitely negatively affected by passive smoking, this may include your partner, loved ones and children, and even your pets!

A great deal of scientific research has been carried out over the past few years in regard to passive smoke and it's effects on health. The results of the research has formed an overwhelming opinion that whether you term it as passive, environmental, secondhand, or sidestream smoking the end results are as dangerous to your health (and the health of those around you) as directly lighting up and smoking a cigarette yourself. Passive smoking is now directly linked as a cause of heart
and lung disease, heart attacks, asthma, copd, bronchitis and a plethora of related diseases, illnesses and conditions.

It is thought that a non smoker who works alongside those who smoke may be at an increased risk or protracting lung disease, with this risk being possibly 30% greater than those non-smokers who work in a smoke free environment. These findings are leading to more and more national and local governments, as well as employers pushing for a ban on smoking in enclosed areas in the workplace.

The British government went as far as BANNING all smoking in ALL public areas from the summer of 2007, and in the Britain it is now illegal to smoke in any public place including pubs, clubs, café's, restaurants, all places of work and even works vehicles. Indeed many back street pubs and clubs which were once renowned for their smoky atmospheres are now completely "smoke free".


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