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Quit Smoking For Good and Never Pick Up Another Cigarette

Everyone knows the health risk factors due to their addiction to cigarettes and nicotine. Here are some side effects that you may or may not know.

Side effects in Men:

1. Impotence - Smoking an lead to heart disease and anything that is bad for your heart is bad for your penis

2. Decreased levels of Testosterone - Nicotine blocks the inhibitors in the brain that produce testosterone.

Side Effects in Women:

1. Blood Clots when mixed with birth control - There is a chance of blood clots when you are on birth control, but when mixed with the addiction of cigarettes, the chance becomes greater.

2. Fertility Problems - The fact is women smokers have around 72 percent of the fertility of nonsmokers. When all other factors are equal, it is 3.4 times more likely that smokers will require over one year to conceive.

Smoking is the number one cause of death in America. Quitting smoking today can greatly decrease or reverse any of the above side effects and prolong your life.

For information on how to quit today and never pick up another cigarette, with no side effects or relapse. Click the link below. You shouldn't waste any time! Be free from this addiction and regain your health. There isn't any time to waste this just might be the most powerful resource that you have. It really works and many people have been smoke free for years even with a very high addiction. Once again, I urge you to seek help and click the link below for more information!


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