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In order to quit smoking, you'll need a powerful cessation plan that will actually help you achieve your goal. The success rates of most stop smoking programs are not very impressive, but any smoker will tell you that kicking the habit for good is just too difficult.

Deciding one day that you are going to stop smoking and just give it up for good will probably not cut it. You need to actually sit down and spend a few minutes really thinking about the process, your goals, and develop a plan that will work for you. Without having a well-formulated strategy, you limit the likelihood of achieving your goal.

The first step is to really think about why you want to quit smoking. What is it that makes you want to quit? Do you want to save money, get back in shape, is it affecting your relationships, do you constantly feel sick? Whatever the reason, it has to be something that is very meaningful to you and powerful enough to overcome any desire to light up after your last cigarette. Write this reason or reasons down, and put it in your wallet. Carry this with you wherever you go so you can read it over any time you have the urge to cheat.

The next step to your smoking cessation plan is to schedule an end date. This is an important part of the process and should not be taken lightly. By setting a date in advance, you mentally prepare yourself to quit smoking and start to visualize what it will be like to be a non-smoker. Secondly, by scheduling an end date a few days out in advance, this gives you time to tell other people about your goal.

Telling people about your plan is a powerful way to push you to reach your goals. By telling your friends, family and colleagues about your goal, you naturally hold yourself accountable and are less likely to break your quit smoking streak, as you don't want to disappoint anyone. By telling other people about your plan, they also feel some sense of responsibility in making sure you successfully carry out your plan.

By simply taking the time to analyze the real reasons that you want quit, writing them down, and then setting a stop date that you tell your friends about, you will greatly increase your chances of being able to give up your habit for good. You'll be amazed how easy it is to quit when you have a deep desire and there is some accountability by you and the people around you.


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