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Stop Smoking by Improving Your Self-image

f you want tested ways to stop smoking, you are in the right place. You are listening to the man who has managed to stop smoking, without the sweating. More than that, your amazing author has also managed to stop drinking and taking the sleeping pill. (I'd better stop here before I sound like a hopeless failure.) On the positive side, your humble author has turned into a satisfied worker, a marathoner and an amateur writer.

Too good to be true, it is not. You will be reading with certain expectations. No, I am not asking you to cry your heart out and repent your sins. I am not directing you to my Twenty-five dollar best-seller on "living your life to its full today". It has not been written yet. I just want to share with you my common sense approach which worked for me.

In my experience, to do something well and successful, one needs to fuel it with positive reinforcement. In other words, we need to acknowledge ourselves for achieving certain tasks. A sense of achievement will get you much farther than a reward in the form of food, alcohol, a new pair of shoes, a new dress, a diamond ring, a kiss or even sexual flavor. You need to return to the kindergarten or primary school where tasks are achievable and lead you to the next. We need to be doing right, feeling great, doing better, feeling better and on it goes.

To stop smoking, you must feel that you are in positive control of your life. You have to think of yourself as being much bigger and better person than the habit. Of course, you are. There was once a youthful you who was not smoking. You were actually busy learning to play basketball, to do your mathematics, to read, to talk to girls (or boys) intelligently, kindly or humorously, so that they would find you attractive.

Then you were not feeling so certain about yourself. You wanted a booster to help you look mature, or seasoned, or even bad. You might be smoking to dampen the boredom or frustration that you are not doing too well. The cigarette was but a proxy of the real thing. Return to the drawing board. Don't pretend to be mature, or in control, or sophisticated. Be the real achiever. The achiever is not the person who has achieved everything he wants. He (she) is simply the one who keeps trying and congratulates himself (herself) on not giving up.

Start with something small:

smile to the people you meet

hold the door or lift open

say "good morning" or "how are you" heartily,

stop watching sick TV programs or movies (unfortunately, that might mean all programs or movies)

read something positive everyday

say thank you to your spouse or co-workers

go jogging or fast-walking

choose a worthy charity and decide how you can help

turn off your lights and go to bed at 11 pm (don't forget to kiss your partner)

wake up at 7am, smiling

turn up at work on time with well-groomed hair, smelling good if possible

You are still allowed to smoke after doing all the things above. It is important that you realize you are not any less worthy smoking a cigarette or two (not that I advise it). You simply don't get a kick out of this any more.

It is important that you try to control your weight at the same time, as not smoking tends to give you a better appetite.

Welcome to the achievers' club (non-smoking is just one division) . Membership is free and Privileges are countless.


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