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Why is it So Hard to Quit Smoking?

Anyone that is truly addicted to smoking will tell you that it is damn near impossible to quit smoking. Chances are they will even tell you that they attempted to kick the habit multiple times but could never quite give it up for good. It's a horrible addiction that controls people's lives and hurts the pocket book.

The cigarette companies have really done a good job choosing to be in a business that their customers might even hate their product but are completely dependent upon it. They can raise prices over and over, and it seems that no cost will stop smokers from continuing to smoke. It kills people, makes them sick, smell bad, and now in many cities have to stand out in the cold and rain in order to feed their habit.

Yet with all of these side effects and inconveniences, smokers can not quit smoking. In most cases it's a dependency on nicotine, the addictive substance in cigarettes, that causes people to crave smoking, but for many smokers it is a lot more than just getting their nicotine fix. There are often many behavioral and ritualistic associations with lighting up a smoke. It might be something you do to celebrate, or something you do when you read the paper, or maybe it's a way to break up the day or great a friend.

Unfortunately the combination of the nicotine addiction and the behavioral associations can make it nearly impossible to quit smoking. But kicking the habit successfully can be done, and it can be done without expensive drugs or using nicotine replacement therapy. When you know some of the tricks and methods to make your body reject and have no desire to smoke a cigarette, you can make yourself quit without any effort at all. It's jut simply a matter of knowing exactly how.


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