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How to Quit Smoking - Three Mountains You'll Climb to Quit Smoking

You've looked everywhere, you've tried to quit cold turkey, you've researched pills, shots, hypnosis, apple fasts, and more, and there's still something huge in your way! "What am I doing wrong!" you say, "what makes all of these other people succeed, and not me?" Well, before you go cycling down into a pit of despair (which will never get you to stop smoking), let's talk a little bit about three mountains you're going to have to climb in this journey to being smoke-free.

Now, I'm sure that the title sounds a little goofy, but before you knock it, realize that the three obstacles standing in your way are just that: mountains! You're going to climb, fall, and groan your way to your final destination. The saddest part of these issues are not that people have these obstacles in their way; it's that they under-estimate them.

Mountain One - Nicotine

Let's get the first mountain out of the way. The first mountain is the most obvious, and you probably can't see but the tips of the second two from over this mountain, but until you really understand how to get over this one, you'll never know the secrets in how to quit smoking.

Nicotine is addictive. It's the main culprit behind your 'need' for cigarettes, and just like any other chemical, it needs to be flushed from your body. However, since this chemical creates a physical dependence, you're going to need to replace it with something until your body no longer 'needs to have it.' This is where the physical withdrawals come from: the physiological need of this substance. To put it bluntly: you're a druggy who needs to get clean.

Mountain Two - Lies

There are cycles of lies that people go through when they start smoking, and the same goes for when they decide to stop smoking. Here are three that are commonly used today for reasons not to quit smoking, and each of them should not be believed.

  1. It helps me relax, and reduces my stress. (Wrong)
  2. It keeps me from eating everything, and gaining weight.
  3. It's not killing me, and I can quit whenever I want; it's just something to hold and put in my mouth when I'm bored.

Believing these lies will keep you tied to smoking forever. Rejecting them is the first step to getting over this mountain, but it also brings you to the final, and most difficult mountain of them all...

Mountain Three - Habits and Learned Behaviors

The first mountain was about the physical addiction, this last mountain (and you're already tired from the first two, so now, this one is extra hard) is about getting over the mental addiction. You'll need to set yourself on a path, and plan out the trek up this treacherous cliff. This mountain takes a huge effort on your part to get over, and it takes loads of planning and preparation.


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