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How to Quit Smoking - Staying Smoke-Free For the Rest of Your Life

You're probably unaware that many ex-smokers have tried to quit before. It's true: the average ex-smoker has failed seven times before they actually succeed. Although this does present some sort of a desperate number when it comes to those who wish to quit right away. There is a method that is succeeding among many people...

I know that the title sounds a bit extreme for many to believe, but what if you could succeed? Finally living a life that is truly void of all cigarettes? It's attainable. However, the entire process is rather difficult. To achieve it, you have to reprogram your mind.

Something you're going to have to understand is that cigarettes have not only attached themselves to your physical body in the form of a nicotine addiction, but the habit itself has become a mental habit as well. You probably rarely think about which hand you're smoking from, or even that you're smoking at all. It's a daily occurrence that you're unaware of.

You buy the same brand every day. You probably have certain times in the day that you just instinctively reach for that cigarette. Certain places can even trigger you pulling out your pack of cigs and lighting up. But do you consciously know it?

The great way to live a life free from smoking is to begin changing the day to day routine that you're in. Make smoking a nuisance and a constant obvious thought rather than just an activity that you take very little account for. This way, you can judge when, where, and who sparks the desire to smoke. After you've done this a while, you'll begin noticing your smoking addiction as what it really is: a problem.

Once you've recognized your smoking addiction as a problem, you can then remove the problem from your life by taking up various activities in place of smoking; healthier activities. Take up a hobby that you love enough to think about all day long. This will give you such a great head start on your life free from cigarettes and the chain of lighting up and dragging on a cancer-causing habit that otherwise is overlooked.

As you can see, it's more about breaking into your mind than it is about getting rid of cigarettes. All you have to do is unlearn all that you've learned.


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