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How to Quit Smoking - Stop Believing the Lies About Smoking

If you've ever tried to stop smoking on your own, no doubt you've faced horrible failure. This is to be expected because the human condition will set up lies for itself in order to stay in its comfort zone, and you've set cigarettes up as a comfort zone! This article is about breaking down the lies that you've set up in your mind because it, and your body, really don't want you to find out the truth.

In your own head, when it comes to habits and addictions, there is rarely a voice of true reason. There are filters, learned behaviors, and patterns that must be broken in order to fully conquer what it is that is mastering you. To do that, you're going to need to break down the justification and lies that you're feeding yourself.

When these lies are broken down, you can finally feel the freedom that comes from true, honest removal of habits and addictions. The lies are chains that need to be broken. It's true: the truth shall set you free. The following are just some of the generic ways for you to establish what it is that you're lying to yourself about when it comes to smoking, and there are basically three different kinds: denial, excuses, and justification.


The first step in removing a problem is recognizing a problem, and denial holds you back from realizing that you are, in fact, addicted to cigarettes. If you ever were to find out the "secrets" of how to quit smoking, it would be to admit openly that you're an addict. Denying such (especially to yourself) and saying that you "can stop smoking whenever" you want is unrealistic, and you need to search long and hard to find out if that's really true or not. Hint: it's not.

Excuse Giving:

Making up excuses as to why you're unable to give up smoking is definitely normal. As you'll find out, the quitting process is rather difficult! However, the excuses you make to NOT quit are always over-run by the excuses TO quit. It's these excuses that you should be focusing on.


These lies are almost identical to excuses, but with a little denial mixed in. However, the difference is that you're succumbing to the reasons why you're not moving forward with your goal to quit. You're looking at your habit, liking it, hating that you like it, and then making up reasons why you SHOULD like it, and keep doing it. These lies are the worst kind of lies because they squeeze into your learned behaviors, and keep you from moving forward. They're probably the scariest lies, as well, because you're unable to beak through the mental holds they have on your mind.


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