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Quit Smoking Tips - 7 Honest Tips Even Your Doctor Won't Tell You

The beauty of the internet is that its a free-speech medium. That means that I can say whatever I want, whenever I want, where-ever I want to. Although that does bring about dishonesty, spam, bad informational research, and stupidity, it also gives people like me to give blunt, honest-to-goodness, no-holds-barred information to you without the worry of offending you.

Which way would you rather have it? A guy willing to be completely open with you with the chance of hurting your feelings, but saving your life; or a doctor who's afraid of a law-suit because of emotional damages, and therefore with-holds vital information at the risk of marring his practice? Into which hands do you place your life? If it were me, I'd pick honesty...

Quit Smoking Tips - Seven Honest Tips to Quit Smoking That Not Even Your Doctor Will Tell You

Unless you have a great doctor who's more concerned about your life than his or her paycheck, you're probably not going to hear the following "tips" to quitting your smoking addiction. They're very honest, quite abrasive, but if you cling onto them, you're going to be smoke free within the week. So let's get started...

1. Quit Lying to Yourself

Recognize the problem, and take action against the problem. Don't pretend like it's a 'non-issue.'

2. Get Clean

You're addicted to nicotine, which is a drug. Many druggies said that even heroine was easier to kick than cigarettes.

3. Develop a Plan

Even those who quit "cold turkey" were prepared for the battle ahead. You need a solid plan to get you through the hard times in quitting.

4. Throw It All Out

You have a habitual tendency to smoke, and you gravitate toward cigarettes. You need to recognize this and remove all environmental triggers.

5. Don't Hang Out with Smokers

Even if your friends are smokers, either a) ask them not to smoke around you, or b) find new people to hang out with when they light up.

6. Don't Use Patches, Pills, or Shots

These are just nicotine "ween-offers". See number 2.

7. Quit Lying to Yourself

It bears repeating. You see, your mind is dependent on the habit. And non of these tips are going to help if you're not willing to recognize that the habit you have is actually a deadly one! If you say that it's not, you're going to only let yourself get worse. Recognize the problem, plan the solution, and get your mind out of the smoking habit.


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