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Why Bother With Cold Turkey?

Actually stopping smoking for good is recognized as something that is not all easy to do. A Lot of smokers trying to quit (and indeed those non-smokers around them) suppose that one of the best methods is to simply endure a period of dreaded "Cold Turkey", i.e. that they should simply and instantly give up cigarettes and put up with the withdrawal symptoms they will undoubtedly suffer. This method of suddenly stopping without using any kind of stop smoking aid works for a minority but for most it has little chance of success, and at the first hurdle, which will most likely be a combination of withdrawal symptoms and stress, their willpower will start to crumble and smoking will resume, until the next attempt. And so it is that people who smoke go through a repeated rollercoaster sequence of events as they repeatedly "give up" smoking and ultimately fail.

It is common for smokers to play down how difficult really is to stop smoking, or maybe be believe that the can manage without nicotine and therefore there isn't any logical reason why they shouldn't be able to just instantly stop smoking as easily as they started.

Utilizing a stop smoking aid can definitely help a smokers attempt to quit by reducing these cold turkey withdrawal symptoms. A lot of smokers will question whether these products, systems or treatments really work at all. Well the great news is that Yes, they do work and statistically it has been proven that they do greatly increase the prospects of a smoker not only quitting the habit, but quitting the habit for good. Even the products readily available at your local pharmacy including patches and nicotine gums will be of help, and the best thing is that compared to actually smoking they can prove to be relatively inexpensive, and have been reported to carry few side effects.


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