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Yes! There is an Easy Way to Cease Smoking

Social attitudes towards smoking have changed dramatically in the past few years. All smokers are cognizant of these and are ceaselessly looking easy ways to stop smoking--just like you! Smokers are cutting back gradually to become a lonely minority, and they know that their habit is harming more than only themselves--thanks to passive smoke. Virtually everyone wants an easy way to stop smoking, but it's an uncommon thing to find someone with a strong enough will to quit smoking in just 1 attempt, and not slowly and steadily.

Complying to a list of effective but prosperous practices to eliminate the habit helps. Remember the important ones, or write down all of them! They can be taped on the facing wall of your bedroom or positioned in the drawer of your work station at the office or home. The critical matter for all is to have patience--plenty of it. Attitude plays as productive anchor for any habit to be shed--a modification in attitude and point of view. You will now be astonished to see umpteen easy methods to stop smoking.

Toss out all cigarettes that are now accessible to you, all lighters, match boxes and ashtrays.

Drink tons of water, fruit juices, herbal teas or any other beverage that is not carbonated.

Keep yourself occupied most of the time--occupy yourself in watching television or a movie regularly or doing house chores.

Address friends or co-workers more frequently, take on part-time work or participate in volunteer work, or join a church, etc.

Fiddle with something such as a pencil or a pen to keep hands occupied.

Consume several small meals.

If, however, with the above exercises, the impulse to smoke hits, take deep breaths and hold for a couple of seconds. In fact, daily pranayama (a particular posture of yoga) helps smokers to find a gradual way to stop smoking.

After loyally complying to these routines, you will start to feel and look better every day and be astonished how simple it was to do something that you thought was insurmountable. Yes, there is an easy way to quit smoking- it starts by taking it easy.


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