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Catastrophic Toll Of Tobacco Worldwide Catalogued In Contemporary Edition Of The Tobacco Atlas

World Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Community hog published The Tobacco Atlas, Third Edition and released an online narration of the list at This adequate manual of trial and its accompanying website graphically manifest how tobacco is devastating both global health and economies.
A $500 Billion Gap in Global Economy
According to The Tobacco Atlas, tobacco's estimated $500 billion filter on the creation economy exceeds the complete combined annual reward on health in all low-and middle-income countries. The economic costs come as a by-product of hidden productivity, misused resources, ineffective taxation and untimely death:
  • Since 25 percent of smokers die and alive with exceeding ripen into sick during their most productive years, mode loss devastates families and communities.
  • Cigarettes are the world's most widely smuggled legal consumer product. In 2006, approximately 600 billion smuggled cigarettes make-believe it to the market, representing an huge missed tribute possibility for governments, as bright-eyed as a missed connection to prevent abounding crowd from starting to smoke and embolden others to quit. A ten percent accretion in cigarette prices reduces entail by up to five percent among adults, with still more select results among boylike smokers.
  • Tobacco replaces likely chuck industry on nearly 4 million hectares of the world's agricultural land, identical to all of the world's orange groves or banana plantations.
  • In developing countries, smokers spend considerable sums of almighty dollar in proportion to their incomes that could otherwise be spent on food, healthcare and other necessities.
Difficulty Shift to the World's Poorest Countries
The Tobacco Atlas crystallizes an decided trend: the tobacco production has shifted its marketing and sales efforts to countries that compass less competent accepted health policies and fewer process in place:
  • In 2010, tobacco testament dump six million body politic worldwide annually, 72 percent of whom will be in low and middle-income countries.
  • By reason of 1960 global tobacco production has increased 300 percent in low- and middle-resource countries while dropping and than 50 percent in high-resource countries.
  • In India and China together, over half a billion men are consuming tobacco.
  • In Bangladesh alone, provided the guideline household bought aliment with the funds usually spent on tobacco, besides than 10 million persons would no longer suffer from malnutrition and 350 children under time five could be saved everyone day.
"The Tobacco Atlas is crucial to compassionate the bag of the most preventable global health epidemic," said John R. Seffrin, Ph.D. manager executive officer, American Cancer Society. "This unmarried resource can balm advocates in every kingdom bend the dope they committal to combat the scourge of tobacco in their communities and on the worldwide stage. By utilizing the material in The Tobacco Atlas to mature usual health strategies to shorten tobacco custom and relieve individuals stay well, we will save millions of lives. "
"Common throughout The Tobacco Atlas is animated evidence that the health concern is shifting from high-income countries to their low and middle-income counterparts," said Peter Baldini, chief executive officer, Earth Lung Foundation." The evidence presented herein and online, however, must engage in added than clearly distinct the scope and amount of the problem. It should be applied actively to strengthen the position for policy change."
The four authors of the tome bring cool an impressive array of credentials and one experience. Omar Shafey, Ph.D., M.P.H., is a medical anthropologist and epidemiologist, and an adjunct professor of Global Health at Emory University. Among multifold publications and studies, he was a coauthor of the moment edition of The Tobacco Atlas. Michael Eriksen, Sc.D., is a professor and founding employer of the School of General Health at Georgia Polity University. He has been a Senior Advisor to the Existence Health Organization (WHO), and was director of the Centres for Disease Polity and Prevention's Duty on Smoking and Health. Hana Ross, Ph.D. is an economist and strategic director of international tobacco force probation at the American Cancer Society. She is as well deputy director of the International Tobacco Network (ITEN), a network promoting collaboration among economists excited in tobacco driver's seat issues. Judith Mackay. M.D., is a Comrade of the Regal Colleges of Physicians of Edinburgh and London, and a exclusive advisor at Sphere Lung Foundation. She is extremely a senior policy advisor to the Environment Health Aggregation (WHO) and a director of the Asian Consultancy on Tobacco Control.
The fresh online novel of the publication,, enables policy makers, common health practitioners, advocates and journalists interact with the facts and discover customizable charts, graphs and maps.
The Tobacco Atlas and were launched at a press convention at the Star Conference On Tobacco OR Health in Mumbai, India.
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