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Irish Shop Survey Highlights Longing For Tobacco Demonstrate Ban

Research published by Ireland's Employment for Tobacco Governance [1] shows that children much keep a formidable chance of purchasing cigarettes from shops or via vending machines and are subjected to tobacco marketing in most retail outlets. The glance at institute that two in five shop retailers and two in three licensed premises were ready to sell cigarettes to children aged under 18 age of age.
In licensed premises, 63% of minors were not prevented from buying cigarettes from a vending machine. This was nearly equal to the 2007 finding of 64%.
The control of tobacco marketing on children is principally enduring in Ireland where 80% of baby smokers smoke ethical two brands - those that are the most heavily marketed wound up in-store displays.
The Irish survey construct that 89% of stores surveyed had some formation of tobacco advertising on arrayal and 40% of stores had confectionery displayed beside the tobacco display. This mirrors a survey in Great britain in 2008 which fashion that 53% of shops surveyed had tobacco displays within one meter of confectionery. [2]
Commenting on the Irish findings, ASH Manager Executive, Deborah Arnott, said:
"This peruse provides besides firm evidence of the demand for a ban on the an act of tobacco products in shops as fresh as for tighter controls on the sale of tobacco products. Children both in the UK and Ireland are even existence subjected to cigarette promotions which lure them into a life-long addiction to a lethal drug. The measures in the Health Price testament activity a extended plan in relation to protecting children on the other hand we impetus parliamentarians to strengthen the Value by putting an extreme to tobacco vending machines and branding on tobacco packs."
A adequate ban on the array of tobacco products at purpose of sale will enter into duress on 1 The middle of summer 2009 in Ireland. Tobacco products will keep to be stored in a closed container, solitary accessible by retail staff. The Scotch Parl and the Northern Ireland Meeting get even-handed announced alike measures. The Scottish proposals again accommodate a requirement for tobacco retailers to be registered.
Notes and links:
[1] Governmental Tobacco Retail Audit - 2008 Monitoring Report. Duty of Tobacco Control.
[2] MacGregor, J. Tobacco Advertising at the Location of Sale. MacGregor Consulting Ltd., Aug 2008.


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