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Current Zealand Medical Society Calls For Tobacco Retail Exposition Ban

The Au courant Zealand Medical Company has called on the Control to panoply its commitment to children's health by banning the retail present of tobacco products. "The NZMA wants Distinct Zealand to be a microcosm doyen in tackling the harm caused by smoking," said NZMA Stool Dr Peter Foley. "Yet, at the moment, children can constitutional into a dairy and espy cigarettes for sale alongside other products. This gives the false opinion that tobacco is a prevalent day-to-day item. We bright side that in bit the Administration testament revisit its adjustment to not help a ban."
In a submission to the Ministry of Health behind year the NZMA strongly supported the telephone for a complete ban on the retail instruct of tobacco products. The Health Receive Commitee supported a ban, nevertheless the State State has sure not to block a ban at this time.
"This Management has achieved even to augment health in its fundamental 100 days in office. This is another world where it can constitute a anomaly for health, expressly of our crude tribe by not encouraging them to initiate smoking," Dr Foley said.
"Stopping the tobacco production from advertising its products at end of sale is a bottom line manner in relation to ensuring that the beside age of boylike Recent Zealanders don't acquire hooked on an addictive product which kills half of its long-term users. "
Environing 4500 deaths a year in Latest Zealand are directly caused by tobacco use.
Shani Naylor
Communications Administrator
New Zealand Medical Partnership
PO Box 156


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