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Minister Wallace URGES Smokers To Commit Up Smoking, Ireland

Ms Mary Wallace, T.D. Minister of Homeland for Health Promotion and Provisions Safety at the Branch of Health and Children called on smokers to striving to administer up smoking. She is urging smokers to resolve to bag the even break of 25th of February, "National No Smoking Day", as the starting stop to crack to cede up smoking.
"National No Smoking Day" is a traditional date that smokers fling to quit. There is amassed help available nowadays to cooperate smokers blow than ever before."The link between cardiovascular disease, cancers and smoking is fit documented. Giving up smoking is the unmarried most chief affair smokers' can effect for their own health and the health of those sorrounding them", the Minister said.
Anyone wishing to evacuate or those who longing also data should contact the Smoking Quitline at 1850 201 203, Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm.
The Minister as well announced extremely food of the Universal Health (Tobacco) Acts 2002 and 2004 which testament be commenced with end product from 1 The middle of summer 2009.
These include:
- A ban on all in-store/point-of-sale advertising of tobacco products;
- A ban on the affectation of tobacco products in retail premises;
- The introduction of a closed container requirement for all tobacco products;
- Tighter controls on the domicile and development of tobacco vending machines;
- The introduction of a retail register for tobacco retailers.
From 1 July 2009, no advertising or show of tobacco products will be permitted in retail outlets. The purpose of prominent tobacco displays in retail outlets plays a role in promoting tobacco consumption. Its placement in proximity to day-to-day consumer goods, such as newspapers and sweets, helps tobacco to be seen as a genial consumer product. Tobacco advertising at the site of sale is besides a chief aspect in a adolescent human race starting and continuing to smoke. Provided blossoming citizens can be prevented from purchasing tobacco products there is less chance they will be reformed addicted and suffer a smoking related illness. Restricting advertising will extremely agency adults who are trying to quit.
"The implementation of these measures has been anticipated for some time. They are needed to very de-normalise tobacco and to protect children in specific and adults from the dangers of tobacco consumption" the Minister said.
Department of Health and Children, Ireland


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