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Is The One For You Online?

Absolutely! If you do not believe the one for you is online, I am thoroughly confused! That would mean, out of millions of eligible singles there is no one for you. I sincerely hope that isn't true!

You will have to take responsibility for finding the one for you online. They aren't going to leap from your monitor with a notarized certificate of authenticity! You're going to have to do some of the work.

First, know what you want before approaching online dating. Please don't make all of the other singles "play 20 questions" in order to find out why you are there and what exactly you want! You will lose a lot of "hopefuls" if you just wander around aimlessly.

Yes, the one for you is online. Start looking! I suggest you start by visiting some of the larger dating sites. They will usually allow you to browse their members for free. However, if you can browse for free, please make sure the site shows the members last log in dates. It may appear that one site in particular has many members you would be interested in. Then after you join the site, you find out over 50% of the singles you are interested in haven't logged in in months!

That is why I express: find the site that has very extensive search options, especially the last log in date. It will save you and your ego a lot of time. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are being ignored when in fact the person is no longer a member at that site!

Is the one for you online? Yes....Now get out there and start doing your part, and find them!


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