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What Can You Expect From Online Dating?

Online dating is just like everything else; you will get out, what you put in! If you are just browsing profiles and never making contact? You will not have the best results.

What you can expect from online dating, is a forum where you will have access to millions of eligible singles. From your home you are able to visit singles all over the world! All colors, shapes, sizes, nationalities, name it? It's there!

But unless you are willing to do your part, it really doesn't matter what is available.

Your uncertainty and aimless approach will be a total turnoff and you will lose quality singles. You will have no one to blame but yourself.

Speaking of blame, a lot singles tell me that just can't find anyone online. My first questions are; "what type of relationship are you looking for?" Uhhh...I'm not sure.

"Would you consider a long distance relationship?" "I really don't know.

"Are you opposed to any professions?" Well I've had bad experiences with men with a variety of professions. But, I can't say I am really opposed to them...

"Do you want someone with or without children?" It all depends.....

Believe it or not, this is part of an actual conversation! An actual, very frustrating conversation!

What can you expect from online dating? Exactly what you put in! You can't just sit back and expect the ideal man from your dreams to miraculously appear, looking for you and you alone! Get out there and do your part!


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