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Can You Find A Relationship Online?

You can find everything else online, why not a relationship? That might be a little simplistic and misleading. The truth is, you can find the person you need to start a relationship with online. Now that is definitely possible...

But an even better question is this; are you willing to do your part to find the person you would like to be in a relationship with?

If not, you are wasting your time and the other singles time. If you really aren't sure you want a relationship, feel free to browse the singles. But don't get their hopes up by contacting them. Just let yourself wander around aimlessly...without a course...without a

plan. You have that right...even on the internet, it is a free country!

Can you find a relationship online? Yes and the operative word is "find". Are you willing to do what it takes to find a relationship online? If not, then don't blame it on the internet.

Suppose you are sitting at a local bar and grill...It's an unusually slow night. A "sort of loser" type wanders over and plops down next to you. Now you knew he was a loser before he sat down. So you tell me what would possess you to start a conversation with this person. Not only start a conversation...but you actually accepted his phone number. But did you stop there? Absolutely not! You gave him your phone number...all 7 correct digits! Now...when this 50% loser begins calling you non stop and staking out the bar and grill where you "met" can you blame the bar and grill? I hope not! If you do, I'm afraid you have other "unaddressed" issues!

So, when you get on the internet on a "slow" evening...striking up personal conversations with people you wouldn't normally even speak to, do not get mad at online dating when you attract obnoxious stalkers! You could have simply sent him the "thanks but no thanks" email and spent the rest of your online time playing solitaire!


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