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Finding Her Online

First let me ask you this, "what do you know about her?" Besides wanting "her" to be female, what else do you want her to have? You can't find "her "online if you do not know what you want "her" to be like.

Do you want a career woman? A single parent...? Tall and athletic...? Short, pixie type?

Someone that wants lots of children...? Someone that would be content being a full time wife and mother? All of these things you must know in advance if you really want to find the one for you!

Finding her online...

Now that you have listed what you want, it is time to start searching for it. Start with the top 5 largest online dating sites that will let you browse as a "guest". Take your time browsing. Don't just look at the serious enough to actually read the profiles. Her face may turn you one, but if you read the profile, it might turn you right back off! In most cases, the profile is more revealing than the face!

Make a list of the sites and the User Names for later.

Finding her online...

Once you have narrowed the online dating sites down pick the top 3-5 sites where you have found the most women that fit your criteria. Suppose on site 1, you made note of 7 user names. On site 2, there were 25 user names that caught your attention. On sites 3 and 4 there were 19 user names each that caught your eye. I would sign up for the free trial on sites 2, 3 and 4.

Take finding her online serious, and you will have great results!


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