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Finding Him Online

You can find him online if you are willing to diligently search for him!

First, you have to know what you want. Just being a man is not enough. Make a list of what this "man" should be about. List all of the deal breakers. Until you have a complete list, you are wasting your time.

Finding him online...

Now that you know what you want in a "man", decide what part of the list is a "must have". "Must haves" are set in concrete. They are not even the least bit flexible. Then you have to make a list of your "options". Options are "extras" we would love to have, but can live without them. Kind of like buying a, doors, seats, engine, batteries are all "must haves". MP3 player is an option...a sun roof is probably an option...spinning rims are "options".

Once your list is completed, you can begin "finding" him.

Online there are what I call specialty sites that cater to one specific group or another. Such as Bi-Sexual Singles, Adult Friends, Asian Singles, Black Singles, Interracial Singles, S&M Singles, etc. Then there is just the "general" sites for those of us that may not want to be "specialized." On the general sites you will find a little bit of everything all in one place.

Finding him online...

Start browsing the sites you have selected. When you find one of the members that you are interested in, write down the site and the user name for later.

When you are done browsing, look at your list of results. Pick the top 3 sites where you noted the most guys you were interested in. You should then sign up for a free trial at those 3 sites.

Now that I have pointed you in the right direction, get going...!


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