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Online Dating - Is She The One For You?

The whole point with the internet "experience" is to find the one for you. The sooner you find the one for you, the sooner you can get out of the "cyber space jungle"! It can be tiring and nerve wracking after a while.

Is she the one for you?

One of my mother's favorite relationship expression is: "Mrs. Right will act right!" Period. There is a lot of truth in that...and I have spent many years trying to prove her wrong. To date? Mama is still right...

Is she the one for you?

You can picture her blending into your world. Not outside looking in, not standing above or around, but totally within your world. Do you want her in your world? If you can answer yes...she might be the one.

Does your face light up when her email pops up on your monitor...and you don't care what your friends have to say about the wide grin that begins to spread across your face? When she calls, is it always the right time, no matter what is going on? Can you honestly say yes...?

Is she the one for you?

Do you think more about her, than "sex" with her? Do you involuntarily think of your future and she is always in it? When you try to "evict" her from your are unable to?

Online you have an unbelievable opportunity to meet many women. If you handle it correctly, you will find the one. Not just "the one" but the "only one" for you. Now stop wasting time...!


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