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When Her Answering Machine Picks Up

You met a girl, you got her phone number, now you called and got her voicemail or a answering machine telling you to leave a message. What do you do now, leave a message or just hang up the phone? This will depend entirely on what you are planning to do next. If your plan is calling her again in a few hours or on another day, then you just hang up the phone and continue on with your day. However, if this is the last time you plan on calling her until she contacts you then you can leave a message since you won't be calling her again. Now, it is important that your message be short and to the point with just the basics. Something along the lines of "this is _____ you can give me a call back when you get this at _________.

The Importance of Looking for Signs Before Approaching Women

Meeting and attracting women is simple once you get rid of all the rules and concerns in your mind that are making it hard for you. For instance, many men are not concerned about the signals that women are or aren't giving them which makes the whole attraction process much more complicated than it should be. Women do give off signals of interest and disinterest and if you are approaching and interacting with women for a position of strength you are basing your actions off how you feel about her because those are the only feeling you can control. After you approach her in this way, you can gauge the amount of interest she has in you based on her responses to you;

Should You Flirt Online?

Absolutely! It shows a fun side to you. Online flirting should be harmless and not in the least bit offensive or suggestive. Flirting should be stemmed from a genuine compliment. That is why I always suggest that you take the time to study the profile and pictures of the person you are interested in... It will give you a little insight into who this "stranger" is. A lot of singles think flirting always has to be a compliment about a person's physical appearance. But if all you have is a "head shot" it wouldn't make sense to comment on their legs, and their physic! A "flirt" should be flattering! There are other parts to the singles you will be meeting online.

Should You Date Online?

That is a good question for a strange concept! Should you date online...? Well, you can actually date online! But you have to be creative in order to pull it off! You meet online; communicate using all communication tools available... email, I.M., greeting ecards, snail mail, telephone, texting, etc. From these tools you can begin to build the foundation of your relationship. Use this time wisely and creatively. And you can "bridge" the distance. Should you date online? Just because you can't physically, get dressed and wait for your date to pick you up and take you out doesn't mean you can't "date" online. Work with me... It's Friday evening, if your "love interest" were in your city what would you do?

Should I Tell My Children About My Online Love?

Single parents have a difficult time juggling online relationships and their parental duties. I personally do not believe the children should be involved with our online dating issues until a solid relationship has been formed. I'm not talking about the relationship where you are sure you are in love after 72 hours, 214 emails, 32 I.M. sessions, and several all night phone calls! That is loneliness, lust and infatuation. So, no... do not tell your children about your online love! I meet so many singles that are introducing their children to their "online love" every week end via webcams and phone calls. The reason... "well, the person I meet needs to know it is a package deal!

Should I Actively Pursue More Than One Person?

My answer has been the topic of many "heated" debates. My answer is absolutely! If you have more than one person you are spending a lot of online time with, I don't see the harm or the problem However, if one of the singles you are spending a lot of time with believes you are only interested in them, then it becomes wrong. When an online relationship takes a "serious turn", it is time to choose one person. To actively pursue more than one person means you have not made any type of commitment to anyone! Now, if you are actively pursuing 3 singles, and all 3 believe they are the only one. As a matter of fact, all 3 of the singles have made you their #1 choice and they are no longer dealing or communicating with anyone but you.

She Is The One If

When you are online meeting so many quality, eligible women, how do you know which one is the one? When you think of her, you think of her with your heart and head. Just the thought of her can change your mood. You would want a relationship with her, even if it was totally platonic. You have no doubt that she is the one. You don't even solicit anyone's opinion. You are ranting and raving about your ex wife, and she waits quietly until you run out of steam. Then she does the unbelievable: she takes the side of the ex wife and tells you what you did was wrong! That has never happened before! All of the women in your past have always sided with you. Even when you were wrong.

She Is Not The One If

When you are being bombarded with women from all over the world, how can you be sure you don't pick the wrong one? How do you know she is not the one? You care about her a little less each day. You no longer look forward to her emails. You would never admit it to her, but you ignore her I.M.'s. You have joined another dating site, hopefully to find someone else. She starts disagreements with your ex regarding your children. She carries "tales" about you that she "heard on the street". She starts trouble with you and your friends. You honestly wish you knew how to get rid of her. She makes you feel guilty for not making time for her. If she tells you every single day that your family doesn't like her.

Out Run The Competition!

If you are going to get involved with online dating, you must realize it is a competition. We are all looking for the love of our life and to live happily ever after. Right? To compete, you must have the right profile to introduce to the singles online. I can't say this enough: Your responses or lack of is a reflection of your profile! If you aren't getting the responses you want TO your profile? It is because OF your profile! To out run the competition, you are going to have to clean it up! The User Name, the Photo, and the Essay Questions. When someone sees your online dating page you want them to want to get to know you. This has to happen for you to out run the competition!

Pick Up Artist - 5 Ways to Increase Self Confidence and Approach Women

1) Dress to impress. When it comes to approaching women, fashion plays a major role. Think about this; would a sexy hot woman rather talk to a guy wearing great clothes, or some punk wearing dark, torn, dirty clothing? Just be sure to dress in a way that is great for women to look at, but most importantly, make you feel comfortable. You see, when you feel comfortable, and you know it, the women around you will also notice and"tune in" to your every movement. Most women will not admit it, but they always love a man who wears great clothing. 2) Acquire better grooming habits. This works in conjunction with the previous tip. Be sure you always smell great and look in excellent groomed condition.

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