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The Different Types Of Cellulite

If you are a woman then one of the very few words you want to hear about is cellulite. Even though it is featured a lot in magazines there is no real information as to why it happens. But to you cellulite is this annoying mess that exists on your thighs, but did you know that the type of lifestyle that you lead will very much depend on the type of cellulite that you have.

To a woman and also to men, cellulite is very attractive and has on orange look about it with dimples. This is just fat under the skin, but because women have thinner skin than men, women are more than likely to suffer from cellulite.

But there are different types of cellulite and you should be aware of the differences between them.

There are generally two types of cellulite, one is hard cellulite and the other is soft cellulite. Now the names of the types of cellulite do offer some clue as to the appearance of the cellulite. If a person has hard cellulite then that person is quite active and they take part in rigour spots or exercise. Now since the cellulite is hard, it is much more difficult to remove, but then again, in this case the cellulite is attached directly to the muscle, so it is very difficult to actually see.

With hard cellulite, because the cellulite is attached to the muscle this means overall that the skin does not give a saggy appearance.

Now soft cellulite on the other hand is not attached directly to the muscle and so therefore it does give the appearance that the skin is sagging and so this is very visible to the naked eye. Even though the skin is sagging soft cellulite is much easier to remove compared to hard cellulite.

So you have cellulite and you want to know what to do about it. Like many things in life there is no simple overnight cure that you can take and in the morning your cellulite will be gone. But many gimmicks do exist out there and the companies behind such gimmicks do want you to believe that you can start seeing an appearance in your cellulite in a matter of hours just by popping a magic pill.

One of the simple things that you can do to help with cellulite is to massage that area of the skin in order to improve blood flow and exercise the muscles which in turn will help to break down the fat that is underneath the skin.

It is quite likely that at some point in your life you are going to be affected by cellulite. In which case, you should make sure that you only stick to products that are organic and from a genuine manufacturer. Do not under any circumstances ever believe anyone or any company that can make claims that your cellulite will be gone instantly as there is no overnight cure at all.


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