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Do Men Ever Get Cellulite?

Generally it is women who suffer from cellulite and when you take a look at the celebrity magazines they show a famous female celebrity with dimple looking skin on their thighs. But what about men? Are they immune from cellulite?

Whilst it is very rare, some men do get cellulite, but is it is very rare indeed. The reason for this is that men generally have a high muscle density and also much thicker skin compared to women.

One of the other reasons that men seem to be able to avoid cellulite is that fat is stored much deeper and this is not the case with women.

All that cellulite is, is fat that is underneath the skin that is changing shape. And because it is changing shape this is what gives the affected areas its dimple like appearance. Cellulite is not the result of being obese, cellulite is fat changing shape and this can happen to a person who is thin or to a person who is very overweight.

But why this happens and why the main area affected is generally the upper thighs is not certain at all. But factors such as a poor diet, a lack of, or indeed no exercise at all, together with lots of smoking and drinking, are all possible contributing factors in the development of cellulite.

Another large contributing factor is pregnancy. With all the hormonal changes that are taking place, this can also cause cellulite, and if cellulite is already present prior to pregnancy then there is a very strong chance that the cellulite can become much worse.

So what can be done to stop or just get rid of cellulite? Well since cellulite is nothing more than fat, then rigorous exercise will help burn off this fat, but this is not the be all and end all as anyone, regardless of body shape and size, and activity levels, can develop cellulite. The only think that you can really do is to stay as fit and as healthy as you possibly can.

But as a general rule, make sure that you are getting plenty of exercise, drinking lots of water and where you can avoid drinks like coffee and alcohol. And also stay away from smoking as this does cause the skin and muscles to become weak.

Another factor is that of stress. If you are stressed try to meditate by performing in activities such as yoga. But overall in order to combat cellulite, stay healthy.


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