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What You Need To Know About Cellulite

In today's modern world there is probably not one woman who has not heard of cellulite. They probably think that it is bad and that by having it they are ugly and bad. Celebrities are ridiculed for having cellulite and are considered not to be taking care of themselves. But despite all of this nonsense over something that is actually quite normal, just what is cellulite?

Cellulite is no more than a lumpy appearance that appears on the skin and is generally seen on the upper thighs and sometimes on the stomach too. Whilst it is not very attractive to look at it is just fatty tissue and will cause no harm to your health. It is a cosmetic concern and nothing else.

Now you need to know that having cellulite is very common amongst women and there is nothing magical that you can really do to avoid it. Given that it is fatty tissue, and that it is pushed up against the skin, it is this that gives the skin its lumpy appearance and a look of orange, hence the name orange peel.

If you are not sure if you have cellulite all you need to do is to take a pinch of your skin and it feels lumpy then you do have cellulite. How severe the cellulite is does vary from person to person and this be affected by a number of factors such as age; body mass, weight and also genes.

You are more than likely to be aware that cellulite is anything but rare, but is in fact a very common cosmetic concern. And because of this concern there are many products that are now available that all claim to be able to tighten the skin and to make the skin smoother and to be able to get rid of those fatty deposits.

Given the fads and the gimmicks that do exist there are some products and treatments that will actually help you in reducing the appearance of your cellulite. Whether or not your cellulite will totally be gone is another topic, but if cellulite is really annoying then all you can do is try the products and see what works for you.

Many of the treatments that will have some success generally involve some kind of procedure. One of the common treatments is that known as liposuction. The aim of this procedure is to generally suck out the fat from under the skin, but there can be drawbacks in that you could have skin looking more dimpled than when you started.

But the best thing that you can do is to massage that area of the skin with a good body lotion and to exercise. Doing exercise will help to strengthen the muscles and this will probably be the best way to burn off any excess fat.


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