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Men's Stretch Marks and Removal Options

Maybe people think that stretch marks are only a woman's issue. That is not true. Stretch marks are a problem for both men and women alike.

Stretch marks are simply a form of scarring on the skin, usually associated with sudden weight gain and stretching of the skin. They result when the dermis, the layer of skin directly beneath the epidermis, is torn due to rapid stretching of the skin

Although, stretch marks are usually associated with obesity, men often get stretch marks from weight lifting or a sudden growth spurt. They can appear on their arms, legs or back and can be very noticeable.

If left alone, some will fade over time but not completely disappear. If you want them gone, there are three main removal options available to men: surgery, bleaching agents, and Trilastin.

Depending on where you stretch marks are, plastic surgery can be one option. However, this can be expensive and risky. Due to the placement of the marks, surgery may just make it worse.

There are also bleaching agents that lighten the skin around the stretch mark to make them less visible. These must be repeated on a regular basis and you must avoid tanning or it will lose effectiveness.

Most men, however, prefer another option from EA Research called Trilastin SR. Even if your scars have been there for years, many men find it can successfully greatly reduce or even eliminate the marks and costs much less than surgery.

No matter what method you choose, it is important to know that men can get rid of their stretch mark problems for good.


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