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What Causes Eczema - How To Prevent It

Eczema is caused by many reasons like allergic reactions from certain food types; also from frequent temperature changes. Direct contact with an offending substance such as soap, detergent, cleanser, perfumes, chemicals or any other allergen can cause an outbreak on the skin. There are certain things that you can do to prevent acquiring this skin condition; and this article is geared towards providing you with valuable information that will explain what causes eczema and steps you can take to prevent it.

Your personal diet is one way to prevent the causes of this skin condition. Many peoples diets consist of a high acidity diet and the acid can trigger outbreaks in your skin condition. The acid in diet is what causes eczema; you want to begin eating more raw vegetables, fruit, and salads to avoid consuming acid. You can also pick up a supplement called kelp which is known to help cut out the acidity in your diet. You can easily find it at one of local health stores.

Another way to prevent this skin condition is keep your skin nice and moist at all times. You want to apply emollients and lotions to keep your skin nice and moist. After each and every shower you should apply an emollient; because it contains a fat substance in it that helps lock the moisture in your body. Throughout the day you want to keep a bottle of lotion nearby and apply it to your hands constantly to prevent dry skin.

Your personal hygiene products and laundry detergents should not contain harsh chemicals and perfumes; which are known to trigger this skin infection. Avoid using powder detergents and begin using a liquid mild-dye detergent like Dreft or Ivory Snow; these detergents are great for people with skin conditions. Begin rinsing your clothes in the rinse cycle twice to make sure that the soap washes out of the clothes completely.

Your bedding is another important step to conquer the flareups. You should begin using bed sheets that are made of 100% cotton; and you should wash them at least once a week to prevent bacteria from growing on it. Replace your clothes that are made of wool or synthetic material with clothes that are made of 100% cotton; because cotton will not irritate your infection.

If you have a severe case of eczema I recommend you visit your family doctor to see what types of treatment they suggest. Most likely they will prescribe a topical steroid lotion that will provide you relief. Whether you have attempted several treatments in that past and if you have not found ways to prevent it or cure it; always keep an open mind towards trying new treatments. You should never give up and always be willing to try new methods; even if something works for someone else does not mean you will stumble into something that will eventually work for you. If you found these tips on what causes eczema and how to prevent it useful then visit our website below for more treatment methods you can use to hlep you cure your eczema.


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