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See How Easily You Can Have More Resilient Skin

Along with the increase in environmental assaults, which we see around us every day ... comes an increase in the number of sensitive skin conditions. There's been a rise in diagnosed conditions such as rosacea and dermatitis, and evidence of diminished skin barrier function. What this means for you is that you most likely have more and more sensitivities. You are looking for the "sensitive skin" label - and believe me, you can find it. But what's behind that label in the drug and department stores? Usually, the manufacturer takes an existing product and removes any potential irritants. Then, they push the word "sensitive" into the product positioning. They know they've avoided the stuff that can irritate sensitive skin - you'll see lots of "free of ..." on the labels -- but they've only subtracted ingredients. They haven't created the BEST product for sensitive skin, starting with their objectives through formulation and testing.

The challenges to our skin are changing. Environmental shifts will bring more stresses to the skin's surface and the layers underneath. Products for sensitive skin need to address these challenges head on. If you suffer from rosacea, or from fragrance sensitivity or chemical irritation - you'll should be ready to get the products that meet your needs and deliver results.

If your skin reacts to any of the following factors causing your skin to itch, tighten or redden, then you may have sensitive skin (Note: Skin sensitivity can be exacerbated by dry or combination skin):

1. Adult acne
2. Red or blotchy skin
3. Flaky skin
4. Fine lines, spots or freckles that worsen with age
5. Reaction to certain skincare products, shampoos, hair sprays,

cleansers or cosmetics
6. Reaction to certain fabrics like wool or linen
7. Reaction to household cleansers
8. Reddening or burning skin as a result of sun, heat, cold or wind
9. High levels of stress

Diffuse redness or blotchiness
Dry and itchy skin
Irritation caused by skincare products
Irritation caused by clothes washed in detergents with artificial colors and/or fragrances Overreacts to irritating activities such as shaving, cleansing, waxing, etc.


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