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Why Regular Skincare Is Essential?

Skin protects internal body parts and that is an important role of our skin. External particles and allergens encounter the first resistance at skin level; that is why skin is also known as a part of immune system. Hence, apart from looking good one should take care of her skin because it helps her stay healthy.

Skin is the largest organ in human body. It has got a lot of works to do. Skin regulates the temperature of our body. Skin not only prevents dehydration or loss of fluid, it also removes excess water and some excretory products through sweat glands.

Skin is consisted of two layers - the epidermis and the dermis. Epidermis is the outer layer and stays on top of dermis. It is epidermis which gets exposed to sunlight, dust and harmful elements. New cell generation takes place at epidermis level. Multiple nerve cell (neuron) ends impart sensitivity to the skin.

New cells are produced and pushed upward to take the place of old dead cells. Stratum corneum is the layer of dead skin cells. As new cells are generated, the dead cell layer starts to peel off. The cycle of fresh cell generation and dead cell removal takes approximately three weeks to complete one turn.

With age skin cell generation rate drops and the symptoms of aging become prominent. As a result skin becomes dry and droopy. Suitable facial products can help us delay aging process and avoid premature aging too.

Collagen fibers are the building blocks of skin. These tissues break with age and as a result skin loses its softness, elasticity and natural complexion. Sunburn is a major cause for damaged collagen when genetic background of an individual also plays a vital role to decide how her skin would look like as she grows older.

Aging skin suffers most when it is exposed to sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of sunlight affect skin adversely. Exposure to harsh sun rays bring about wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and make the skin dry and thick. Skin loses its natural complexion and texture.

Hence, your skincare regimen must contain a sun protection solution all the time. You would be surprised to know that severe sunburns generally happen during childhood as at that age people rarely care about skin. Childhood sunning takes the toll later causing damage to collagen and elastin - the building blocks of skin.

Beauticians and skin specialists often suggest pursuing a regular cleansing routine to keep the skin healthy. Washing face with warm water and soft soaps could be helpful. Face wash or cleansing milks are also good. Scrubbing with coarse abrasive materials may lead to torn blood vessels, broken collagen and irritation of skin. In case your skin is suffering from broken collagen and tissues, Oil of Olay Regenerist could be an effective alternative.

Aging skin frequently gets dried. Make sure you have some sort of moisturizer included in your skincare regimen. One way to lock moisture in your skin is to let the skin dry itself after having a shower, instead of rubbing it. This keeps your skin wet and let water penetrate through epidermis.

Do not forget to do some research before buying your facial skin care products. Your facial products should be suitable for your skin type. Consult a beautician or dermatologist to know what you exactly need to appease the needs of your skin. Finally you can buy your facial skin care products from online drugstore at much lower rate than the printed price.


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