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Types of Cleanser for Normal, Dry, Sensitive and Oily Skin, Process of Improving Beauty of Skin

Cleanser is used to clean the skin. It is available as a cleanser cream, creamy liquid, milk, jell, cleansing bar and soap. Use only which suits to your skin.

1. Cream Cleanser:- It is used for dry and sensitive skin. It is available in jars and tins. It's applied with the help of finger tips on the face. After some time wipe it off with a wet cotton or tissue paper.

2. Creamy Liquid:- It is used for all types of skins. It is available in tubes and bottles. These are also applied with fingertips and then wipe off with wet cotton or tissue paper.

3. Milky Cleanser:- They are mostly used on oily skin. Water is used more in it and are always available in bottles. These are used the same way as else. They sometimes turn oily skin to dry & hard. So stop using it.

4. Jell Cleanser:- Used for all skins.

5. Cleansing Bar And Soap Cleanser:- It keeps the skin soft.

The process of improving the beauty of skin completes in nine steps.

i) Primary cleaning
ii) Massage
iii) Herbal Steam
iv) Cleaning of pores
v) Face pack
vi) Toning
vii) Moisturiser
viii) Moisturising
ix) Make up (optional)

Among these primary cleaning & moisturizing should be the daily routine. Rest of the process should be done once in a week or twice in a month.

Primary Cleaning:

First of all make a mixture. For this grind Jethi madhu, madder, nutmeg ghritkumari, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, lemon shell, neem, tulsi & sandal, grinded pulse or wheat flour. Mix them & grind them.

Mix them & grind in water properly.

Mix or grind in milk or butter.

Mix or grind in lemon juice or curd.


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