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Best Natural Cold Sore Remedies

Cold sore is commonly known as fever blisters small lesions that appear on the lips or surrounding the skin. It is a manifestation of recurrent herpes simplex virus infection around the mouth. It normally occurs on or around the lips but can appear on other parts of the face such as around the nostrils. Cold sore is characterized as small, painful red blisters filled with fluid.

Cold sore is at most contagious when they burst, but they remain contagious until they are completely healed. Therefore, it is important for others to avoid direct contact with your affected area until your cold sore has completely disappeared.

The properly cold sore remedies can actually give you some relief and reduce the healing period. There are some of the best natural cold sore remedies to treat cold sore. Here are some them that claim to really work.

Aloe - This remedy is most effective if used at first sign of cold sores. Get a few aloe leaves and rub the juice from them on the sore or blister directly at the first sign of an outbreak. Aloe can also be purchased in bottles that you can carry with you.

Ice - This is arguably the most well known remedy. It slows down or even stops the herpes virus reproduction process. But ice is not always the most convenient for relief during certain situations, such as driving or working. Ice treatment should be commenced when the itching begins. It is essential to note that ice should not be used during the healing stage as it will slow down the healing speed.

Yogurt - It contains high level of the amino acid lysine which is supposed to minimize the chances of cold sores. Yogurt would be a healthy food to eat on a regular basis. It is important to refrain from eating foods which is rich in arginine, which can be found in certain foods such as peanuts, chocolate, and caffeine drinks.


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