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How About Baby Powder For Your Scented Lotion?

Ever seen a television commercial where a lady suddenly steps into a room and then every just stops and looks at her? You would probably say that the woman is gorgeous and sexy. Although physical attributes help, there are also other factors to consider. It could be that the woman is wearing nice baby powder scented perfume and body lotions.

Like clothes, knowing which perfume or lotions to use takes skill. One has to know what scent will match her personality. The perfume or lotion you are wearing should also match the event you will be attending. From something as simple as malling to a dinner date.

Using Baby Powder Scent According To Your Lifestyle

If you are the outdoors type, then probably wearing baby powder scented perfume and body lotions that has a somewhat strong scent would be best for you. The scent should say something like your not afraid of going out and can go head to head with other people. The scent of your perfume should thus reflect that you have a strong personality and is someone who greatly values independence. By going outdoors, whether its a simple hike or camping for the night, your perfume should convey the message that you can be counted upon when needed.

If you are more of the indoor or party type of person, then going for a more sensual scent should be your priority. You want people to have the impression that you are innocent and simple. Something like a damsel in distress waiting for her knight. Going out with friends at a mall? Then maybe a somewhat "spicy" scent could be used. Floral scents are pretty good when it comes to formal gatherings.

Choosing The Right Baby Powder Scent For You

So how do you know that you have chosen the correct baby powder scented perfume and body lotions? First thing to do is get a sample and put a little of it on your wrist. You can also put it in the neck or the area between the ears. Why these areas? According to some, this is there are areas in your body that are able to keep the scent longer. Some also say that it is good to put it in these areas so that if ever you have allergic reactions to the perfume, then there wouldn't be much damage. Remember, not all scents may fit you. So it is better to try different ones before deciding on what to wear.

Some tips in applying perfume include not putting in one whatever you are wearing. If you put a lot of perfume in your dress, it could probably result in stains. Also do not put too much perfume. You want people to notice you and not leave the area where you are at. Different people react differently to different scents.

Remember, when you wear perfume properly, it could build up your self-esteem and raise your confidence. If you did it wrong, then you will probably have a bad night. Getting the right kind of baby powder scented perfume and body lotions can mean the difference between fame and embarrassment. Choose wisely and choose well. You'll have the time of your life.


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