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Stretch Marks - Causes and Solutions

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are relatively small scars produced when the skin has been overstretched in situations like pregnancy, strong weight gain or bodybuilding. It is actually a consequence of ripped fibers in the second layer of your skin, leaving you with red lines on the skin that usually turns to silvery white over time. Stretch marks can appear on abdomen, buttocks, breasts, legs and even upper arms.

While it is absolutely possible to get rid of stretch marks or minimize them (and usually even eliminate their appearance totally), it is much easier to avoid them before they form. Many have had to deal with stretch marks for a long time before they manage to get rid of them. If you follow these easy guidelines, either as prevention or damage control, you will eventually have your skin back in its original form.

Getting rid of stretch marks

If you are planning to do some extra workout, to get enceinte or you believe that you may get stretch marks. Rid your body from them right now, or even better, prevent them from ever appearing.

The best way to prevent stretch marks is to make your skin more elastic and (if possible) avoid stretching of the skin.

Lotions & Creams: Some lotions and creams are good for your skin. To always use lotion or cream after bathing is a smart thing to do; this will not only prevent stretch marks but also leave your skin feeling healthier and younger.

Vitamin Supplements: A, E and C vitamins can aid you improve the elasticity and strength of the collagen in your skin and is a good way to minimize the formation of stretch marks.

Don't drink too much coffee or alcohol; drink water instead, as it will improve your skin's hydration.

Natural solutions and home remedies can be a good place to start. However, some of these remedies have not shown many results. They can work for prevention but for removing stretch marks other solutions are required.

Tretinoin creams (0.1%) have proven to drastically minimize stretch marks in a study published in the May 1996 Archives of Dermatology. This is a prescription cream and must not be used by enceinte or breast feeding women, as the active ingredient, Tretinoin, can be passed on to the unborn child or through the breast milk.

Try to exfoliate daily by using a scrubber or hard sponge.

Use solutions on a daily routine that include ingredients like squalene oil, vitamin A, E & C,rose hip oil, snail mucins or aloe vera.

You can also use tanning products to make the stretch marks blend in with the skin. However, they will not disappear with this method, just be not as evident. Do not sunbath, though, as it can increase the visibility of the stretch marks.


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