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How to Get Rid of Rosacea - Treatments and Remedies

Rosacea is one of the most common inflammatory conditions of the skin of the face. Once it afflicts you, your face will take on a characteristic redness that looks like a permanent flush or blush. A condition called rhinophyma also may develop in some men; it is rare in women. Rhinophyma is characterized by an enlarged, bulbous, and red nose resulting from enlargement of the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands beneath the surface of the skin on the nose. If the condition is not treated, bumps and pimples can be formed in addition to the flare-ups on the face. Sometimes, the nose of the person affected with rosacea will swell due to the additional tissue on the face, which is a condition called rhinophyma.

The disease affects both men and women but more women are seen to be having the skin disorder, although rosacea manifests more severely in males. Rosacea definitely affects the patient physically but it is also emotionally and mentally traumatic as it adversely affects the self confidence of the individual.

Since different people react to different triggers, it's important to note which ones affect you and how. The most common triggers include heat and alcohol (which can aggravate or cause inflammation) but can also include exposure to the sun, wind, and humidity as well as intense exercise, taking hot baths or showers, and drinking hot beverages. Even the chlorine in the water supply of a typical household can cause rosacea to trigger. Finding the trigger to your problem can be frustrating, to say the least.

Some have posited that rosacea may be an allergic reaction of the skin brought about by the presence of a fungus or yeast infection. When the glands are moist or oily in certain parts of the face, the conditions are ripe for such growths to occur. In such a case, a simple application of anti-fungal cream, such as that which is used to treat athlete's foot, may help clear the symptoms. This is not necessarily the commonly understood treatment, but some have reported symptoms clearing up with such a treatment.

Besides expensive laser surgery and the possible negative side effects of steroidal medications, there is the all-natural approach to healing rosacea. Herbal remedies that have been used to tame the redness of many patients have shown to be very effective. Zenmed and other organic herbal treatments have found great success in the marketplace among rosacea sufferers. Such remedies are miracles for many who have suffered with rosacea for years without relief. Whatever the patient's path to relief, they should consult with their physician before taking on any major lifestyle changes.


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