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Purchasing Dead Sea Mud Bulk - Pros and Cons

With the prevalent awareness of the significant benefits of Dead Sea mud, the demand for this amazing skincare product continues to grow. Adding this body mud to your business could possibly be excellent way to meet your customer's needs, as well as generate additional streams of revenues. The question the remains: should you purchase Dead Sea body mud in bulk?

When you purchase Dead Sea mud bulk, there are certainly significant benefits. First and foremost, the cost savings of the mud in bulk can certainly add to your business bottom line. For example, on average, one pound of Dead Sea mud can cost $9. However, if you purchase in 25 pounds, then the cost is only $5 per pound, saving you nearly 40% in product costs.

Purchasing your mud in larger quantities provides you with many options of customization. You can choose from different fragrances, or you can order the mud in its natural form and create your own scents. For example, you could provide your clients with a luscious, romantic, chocolate Dead Sea mud wrap - or enliven their spirit with a soothing lavender mud experience. Considering that you best understand your client's needs and desires, you may want to create your own exclusive body clay experience.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you decide to add fragrances to your mud bulk, then you may shorten the standard shelf life of one to two years. The only fragrances that will maintain the product shelf life longevity are essential oils.

Along the lines of shelf life arrive the disadvantages of Dead Sea clay. Similar to other cosmetic products, the shelf life is an element that must be considered in your bulk purchases. Can you feasibly utilize the entire lot of Dead Sea mud before the shelf life expiration point? For most business owners, the one to two years of shelf life is ample time to put the mud to good use before expiration.

The packaging of your body clay is also a consideration. If you are planning to re-sell the mud as a packaged cosmetic, then you must calculate the time and cost to create individualized packages - versus finding a private-label manufacturer who can automate the process for you. On the other hand, if you are simply using the Dead Sea mud as an offering in your spa or salon, then bulk would be an economically wise decision.

The continuous growth of popularity of mud from the Dead Sea can increase the revenues of your beauty business. Adding bulk mud to your buying choices can bring your customers exclusive customization, while giving you an edge ahead of your competitors. However, keep in mind the considerations of shelf life, along with packaging needs, to make the best choice for your company.


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