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The Importance Of Touch And Initial Skin Care To The Baby

It is a fact that the sense of touch is very much important to the baby. That is because touch initially facilitates development of all other senses of the infant. That is why most experts, pediatricians and doctors would advise taking greater care of baby skin. It is just sad to learn that there are parents and nannies, who are not very much educated about how to properly handle and take care of baby skin.

Touch is basically how newborn babies start to communicate. The warmth touch of the mom to baby skin is basically what the infant first encounters. Remember that after birth, it would take a few days before the eyes clears up, while the sense of taste is still not developed fully. Through touch, the baby is given an assurance of warmth, love, security and protection. And the baby somehow feels that. Thus, a mothers touch is a good pacifier to an uncomfortable and fussing baby.

Experts assert that aside from that, the touch of a mother is providing much more than just warmth and passion to baby skin. When a mom touches and holds her baby, she is unconsciously stimulating the secretion and production of the baby hormones for growth and more effective digestion. The mothers touch to the baby is just like how massage is good and health-conducive to average adult.

The sense of touch also complements and bolsters the development of all other senses of the baby. For instance, a mothers touch helps the baby initially discern verbal language and words used by the mom. For example, when a mom says the word, 'my baby', along with touching baby skin, the baby is learning how to associate the words with the warmth and pleasantness of the touch. After some time, the baby would learn how to listen to words although he or she would not be able to totally understand it yet. Eventually, the sense of touch would be separated and disassociated with the verbal communication or comprehension.

Aside from that, the baby sense of touch very much tells about how the baby overall health is doing. When the baby is feeling bad, a mom could tell that something is wrong if the skin temperature is unusually high. Aside from that, a mom could sense a discomfort in the baby through the infants skin. Redness and swelling indicates that there is something troubling and annoying the baby.

That is why the sense of touch is practically deemed appropriate and useful to the baby. Because of that, there of course is a need to ensure that the baby skin is always well taken care of. Thus, as much as possible, it is imperative that baby skin care be always made conducive and very much in good status. Remember that taking care of the baby skin is far different from taking care of the skin of a child, a teenager and an adult. Baby skin is still very fragile and sensitive to handle it with extra care and make every touch as smooth and as passionate as possible.


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