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Your skin needs therapy, give it some Aromatherapy

For some time now we know that herbs and essential oils have a natural healing quality, and since then we try to use that knowledge in numerous ways. One of those ways is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is perfect for keeping your skin healthy and one of the biggest advantages is the fact that it uses natural ingredients and because of this you can be sure that there are no chemical ingredients involved. We all know that chemical ingredients can be pretty harmful for you when you have a sensitive skin.

When you start out with aromatherapy there is certain system has to be followed, a system of 3 steps. The first step that has to be done is get rid of all the dirt an pollutants that sit on the surface area of your skin. With the second step we need to apply some different kinds of therapy skin care products so we can treat those pesky skin ailments. And then, finally during the step three, you will need to apply aromatherapy regularly so you can make sure you keep a good, healthy and great looking skin.

Cleaning the skin deep

The first step of aromatherapy involves that you apply a deep cleansing method to the skin by using a combination of vitamin E and seaweed oil on the skin area. This way we clean off makeup and even dead skin cells from the area you apply it on. Sometimes people will call it purification. This first step is crucial and can not be skipped when you want to be serious about following the steps involved in aromatherapy. As an alternative you could use soy and calendula.

What to use when

After the first step comes, you guessed it, step two. Now that are skin has gone through the deep cleansing we can start the healing process of our skin. The aromatherapy products we use next depends what needs to be cured. For burn areas we should be looking at products with lavender and aloe in them. For blemishes we should start to use tea tree oil or maybe kinetin. If it's flaky skin we are going to battle against we need to stock up on vitamin C rich products. Maybe the deep cleansing didn't totally get rid of those dead skin cells then ginger and jasmine need to be the main ingredients.

Regular application

The third and final step is an ongoing one. It's a process of regular maintenance. The best thing you can do now that you followed through steps one and two is to continue with the aromatherapy that is best for your skin type. But the process is much simpler then the two before. A regular scrubbing with a product based on ginger or taking regular baths in oils based on jasmine or lavender.

You may think that your skin doesn't need aromatherapy but it is for all skin types. Because of its natural fragrance a lot of people think skin care using aromatherapy is the best solution there is for their kind of skin condition. Best yet, it's a natural one.


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