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Summer Skin Care

After the winter months of cold weather and being indoors most of the time, spring and summer are more than welcome for the warmth and outdoor activities. Along with the summer warmth and the beautiful summer sun, comes the danger of exposing skin to harsh UV radiation. But with a little caution and protection, all of those outdoor summer fun activities can be enjoyed without worries of harming your skin.

It is no secret that skin and bones require a healthy amount of vitamin D and sun is a good source of natural Vitamin D, but during the summer months, many of us choose to be outside in the sun more than our skin can handle. Too much exposure in the sun is a direct factor that causes skin cancer and wrinkles, and these are two results that no one wants a part of. Maintain proper balance can easily be found in getting natural nourishments and keeping your skin safe.

The first precaution is daily sunscreen usage from head to toe. Make sure to apply SPF 15 or higher in protection, and it should be put on approximately 20 minutes before going out into the summer sun. Make sure to use waterproof SPF 15 or higher sunscreen protection if there is going to be any water exposure. Make sure to cover your skin completely and do not skimp on the amounts. If you are out in the sun for long periods of time, make sure to re-apply your sunscreen every two hours, and after every time you get out of the water. Even if your sunscreen is waterproof, the sunscreen still needs to be re-applied often to safeguard the skin.

If you can choose what part of the day to be out in the sun, the safest time in the sun is in the early morning and the least safe time is between 12 PM and 2 PM of the early afternoon. Along with your sunscreen, make sure to wear a sun hat, sun glasses and sun blocking lip balm to keep down facial exposure. During the summer months, avoid facial and exfoliating body scrubs with harsh granules, use cleansers and moisturizers containing alpha-hydroxyl acids. This is important for gentle exfoliation and improving the skin's texture and tone. The oil-free moisturizer with alpha -hydroxyl acids are better in the summer due to the keeping the skin moist without excess greasiness.


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