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How to Remove Cellulite

Many women have come to embrace their lumps and bumps, but let's be honest. Most women want their cellulite gone - and FAST! Don't fear. Cellulite is not something that you have to just accept. You can diminish the appearance of cellulite if you take a holistic approach to the situation.

What is Cellulite?

The first step to removing cellulite is to understand what cellulite is. Cellulite, contrary to popular belief, is not "just fat." Fat tissue usually resides below your skin. However, as fat builds up, it eventually spills out into the superficial layer of skin. Cellulite is fat tissue that has been ensnared in the superficial layer of skin.

How to Remove Cellulite: Diet and Exercise

When it comes to the effects of diet and exercise on your cellulite, the jury is still out. Many people believe that because cellulite is not like "normal" fat, you cannot get rid of it with "normal" fat burning exercises. One thing is certain though. With diet and exercise, you can prevent the accumulation of more cellulite.

Cellulite Creams

Cellulite creams are also a hot topic for debate. Here is the scoop. Cellulite creams will NOT cure your cellulite. Nope... No way. But, cellulite creams can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. They do this through several different methods including dehydrating your skin, dilating your blood vessels, moisturizing your skin, and decreasing inflammation. To repeat, cellulite creams will not get rid of your cellulite. They can make it look better though.

Medical Options

There are several different medical options out there for cellulite reduction. Going into the specifics is beyond the scope of this article, but I can give you're the names of a few procedure and you can google them to find out more for yourself. Common cellulite reduction treatments include: mesotherapy, lipodissolve, liposuction and acoustic wave therapy.

Be Healthier

Here's just another reason to start taking care of yourself. All those things that you have always been told to avoid (smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating...) are also bad for your cellulite. They are going to make it appear more abundant and worse. This may seem obvious, but a lot of people don't believe there is a connection.


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