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Beauty From The Inside Out

Anything we take into our bodies can affect how we age. Eating, breathing and absorption through the skin. Breathing and absorbing is a bit out of our control most of the time. Eating can be difficult to control as well since food producers can add some questionable materials to our food. The better we can take control of these sources, the healthier we will be. Still, it's an uphill battle.

The skin is an organ on the outside of the body. It takes an onslaught of torture everyday, sunlight to chemicals on the outside, and various internal toxins. Underneath is a fatty layer that thins as we age. Like a carpet that the padding underneath is flattened out, the skin will be loose and wrinkly. Fatty cells also tend to hold toxins which reach the skin. On the outside is a layer of dead skin cells which provides very limited protections against the environment.

Good standard maintenance is to keep clean - inside & out. Use a filter or be a filter. Especially with tap water. The biggest pollutant is chlorine used to make the water drinkable. Even showering, the skin absorbs the chemicals. For those of us that like warm/hot water showers, chlorine becomes airborne and we breathe it in. The lungs make it available to the blood stream. There are numerous other items in the water like bacteria and other chemicals/elements, depending on the areas you live. Drinking a healthy amount of water will help keep the lymphatic system running smoothly to wash toxins under the skin away while keeping clean will keep the outside well.

The lymphatic system works like a sewage system. A good test to feel your lymphatic system is to take a deep inhale for 4 seconds, hold for a count of 8, then exhale slowly for a count of 16. You'll feel a slight "rush" as you exhale. Breathing and movement help it to flow. The sewage system ends in the bowels and is eliminated when you use the toilet. A healthy lymphatic system is the 1st line defense for healthy skin. For best performance, healthy amounts of water and a healthy diet. The cleaner the colon, the best emptying of the lymph fluids.

Along with a clean colon for elimination, it leads to better getting better nutrition. There is a profound relationship to health and how well your body absorbs nutrition. Taking all the supplements in the world doesn't help if you live on a diet of fluffy yellow cakes filled with artificial cream. The cleaner the intestines, the better the food & nutrients get into the blood. Once the body gets the nutrients, it builds more tissue. Some diseases and symptoms are caused by inadequate nutrients and will disappear after resuming a healthy diet. Skin is noticeable by everyone.

Blood circulation is key to having great skin. Light/moderate aerobic exercise will get blood flowing allowing skin the get oxygen & nutrients. Keeping cholesterol down, avoiding sugars and keeping proper fluids keeps blood flowing. Cholesterol and sugar are sticky and cause platelets to stick together. Low fluids makes blood like mud.

Vitamins key to healthy skin include antioxidants. Foods high in flavinoids are best. Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are the "do all" antioxidants with numerous benefits. OPCs are found in grapeseed extract, redwine extract (skin and pulp when grapes are crushed in the first step of wine making), and white pine bark extract. They can also be found in the red skins of whole peanuts. Choke cherries have the greatest concentration. OPCs in the blood stream actually clean up by removing not only free radicals, but other impurities such as cholesterols and pollutants. UV damage is decreased within the skin. OPCs inhibit the bodies enzymes from breaking down collagen, and reduce the production of histimine. OPCs can be consumed by food naturally or in a variety of supplements ranging from pills to high availability isotonic forms. Some skin care products can also contain OPCs for topical application.

A key element in OPCs is Pycnogenol, found mostly in white pine bark extract. It's a natural anti inflammatory helping to reduce irritations caused be external causes. Improve circulation by strengthening capillary walls and blood vessels.


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