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Know The Warning Signs After Age 40?

Age is one of the most well researched natural phenomenons. It brings along with it a host of changes in the life of the aging individual and even in that of his family members.

To ensure that you are not simply taken by a storm when the higher figures hit you, it is best to equip yourself with as much information as you can about the issues that emerge from aging.

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In the following section, we give you a brief outline of the signs you need to be careful of as you age beyond 40.


Wrinkling is usually the first sign associated with an aging skin. The initial wrinkles normally appear around the eyes and the corners of the lips.

Laxity of the skin

As the elastics under the skin stretch, it leads to an increased amount of looseness in the skin. The skin seems to have minor folds and overall appears much looser.

Pigment changes

With age, the pigment changes become quite apparent. At times, these pigment changes can also present themselves in the form of freckles.

Surface roughness

Overall, facial as well as the skin on the body tends to become quite rough to touch with age. Surprisingly, this can happen even if you have been using good and heavy moisturizing creams earlier.


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