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Stretch Mark Treatment - Choosing the Right Solution

Stretch marks are one of the most common and bothersome skin ailments. It affects men, women, young, old; every person, with no exception, can be a victim of these unsightly scars. Many skin care brands offer miracle cures to eliminate these marks, but they often end in disappointment.

But before you start spending money or searching for the right products that claim to erase these scars, it's best to read on and find out the real facts behind these so-called 'stretch mark cures.'

In recent years, many people - especially adolescents - have turned to what they see as an alternative for treating stretch marks: tanning. Some claim that a few tanning sessions is enough to cover up the discoloration, thus providing a temporary solution to the condition. The theory is that the more you tan, the less you'll have to worry about a stretch mark scar. This isn't exactly true and can pose more problems than solutions. For obvious reasons, tanning isn't entirely healthy for you or your skin and if your use to tanning frequently to alleviate your skin imperfections, you may be putting yourself at higher risk for skin problems related to constant UV exposure. Often their silvery/whitish coloration can stand out even more after tanning. What many people don't realize is that these scar marks have their own distinct color that is separate from the rest of your skin's pigmentation. This implies that the tanning will efficiently darken the rest of your skin, but may not act at all on the striae. These scars are often resistant to color variations. While this method may apparently work for some, it is not the better route to go in order to alleviate your skin condition.

To get rid of stretch marks, many skincare companies have come out with product after product, all claiming to include wonder ingredients and special formulations that will eliminate these scars. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is and these products are no exception. If you have relatively new striae marks that have yet to stabilize into your skin, regular use of creams, lotions or other products may allow you to gradually lighten and fade your marks. However, old lesions that have been on your skin for years may be more difficult to eliminate. When applying any of these skin products, read the label and be sure you know what ingredients you are applying to your skin.


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