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Aloe Vera for Teen Acne

If you're a teen, acne can be a devastating problem at a time when being the least bit less than perfect can be a major ordeal.

Acne is, clinically, a chronic inflammatory disorder of the pilo-sebaseous follicles. In other words, it's a breakout of pustules, commonly known as zits or pimples, on the face. It usually coincides with puberty and most people outgrow the worst phases by their early to late twenties. Many adults have the occasional "zit," but the frequency and severity of outbreaks lessens considerably in adulthood.

Aloe vera, while known primarily as a topical analgesic for burns, can help reduce the severity of teen acne outbreaks, reduce scarring, and condition skin. The "burn plant" has been used for thousands of years as a healing substance; clay tablets from 1750 B.C. reportedly refer to aloe vera as a medicinal plant. An oral aloe vera supplement like Aloeride can help reduce teen acne and keep skin healthy.

Aloe vera works in two ways to help reduce teen acne. First, aloe vera strengthens the immune system, helping the body's natural defenses to work correctly. By improving overall health, aloe vera helps reduce the incidence of acne simply by making it easier for the body to control itself and helping the immune system fight problems which contribute to acne in teens.

Aloe vera also has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Because acne is an inflammation, an oral supplement like Aloeride can help reduce inflammation on an ongoing basis, and reduce the severity and frequency of acne outbreaks.

While Aloeride , taken orally on a regular basis, can help reduce the incidence of teen acne, it should be part of an overall routine designed to reduce and even eliminate acne. Keeping skin clean and dry is important, and using Aloeride in conjunction with a facial cleanser helps with this essential task.

Topical aloe vera application, in addition to Aloeride , can moisturize the skin at the same time it reduces the production of oil produced by the skin. This contributes to overall skin health. While most teens would be happy simply to not have a breakout, having truly healthy-looking skin can and should be the ultimate goal.

As adults, we know that the acne will go away and no one will remember that zit on your chin next year, let alone twenty years from now. We understand that the trauma we suffered from acne was temporary.

Fortunately, we also understand that teens do not understand or even care that it won't matter later. They don't want to hear, "A hundred years from now, no one will know the difference." They're young, sensitive, and very conscious of their problems. Aloeride is a safe, effective way to help teens with their acne, while improving overall health.

When your teen takes Aloeride , a non-allergenic pill that is small and easy to swallow, he or she will look forward to clear skin. You can rest assured knowing that you're helping them build their well-being from the inside out.


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